About Me

photo of We Are Talking founder

My name is Alexis, I am the founder of We Are Talking and I LOVE talking about money. Really! I love talking about money especially how to set up a strong financial foundation and maximize your finds. Why do I like talking about it so much, you ask? While most of what we learn about how to manage our finances comes from conversations with others it is still taboo to talk about money. I believe building wealth should be accessible, simple and most importantly enjoyable! My mission is to break the stigma and increase financial education, one conversation at a time. Yeah, yeah, I know. People also don’t like talking about finances because it can be quite dry. I promise to start the oft avoided conversation about money and make it one you’ll won’t want to stop! I want to help you maximize your dollars so you can enjoy doing the things you love most. You can learn great money habits that work for you AND have fun doing it! Everyone deserves to live a financially healthy life and the information to do so should be easily accessible. And for the times when it’s not, I’m here for you.

The more we talk, the more we learn so join me in the journey to greater financial success. #Let’sTalk!