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New Year, New Money

OK, do this with me now,

  1. take a deep breath in
  2. let all the worries and challenges of 2016 go
  3. breathe out



Regardless of the ups and downs of last year, let 2017 be a year to build/strengthen your financial foundation. We have a new year and a new start!

Here is how I’m committing to help my finances this year:

Ask questions when I don’t understand.

Pretending like I know what’s happening when I really don’t won’t get me anywhere. I’m committing to learning more this year and asking people to share their experiences so I can grow. One area where I’ll need to this more is investing. It can be daunting at times but if I don’t ask I’ll never know.

Saying what I want.

    Ugh. I hate this one but I hate it even more when I end spending more than anticipated or buying something that lacks the value I expected just because I didn’t speak up or wasn’t clear about what I wanted. I often find myself agreeing to things out of convenience instead of out of what makes the most sense for me. Thus 2017 is all about saying what I want (and even what I don’t!) in order to keep my financial goals on track.

Strengthening my savings.

    I took some time to invest in myself in 2016 and pursue some long held goals. Thus many of my fiscal routines have gotten off track, namely my savings. 2017 is time to begin rebuilding my financial foundation so I can stay on track with my bigger life goals.
How are you committing to your finances in 2017? #letstalk


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