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Step into the magic zone

Six months ago, I took a major risk. I quit my job and moved abroad. About a year earlier I turned down a job offer with more money and more interesting responsibilities. I knew I had been putting off the decision to go abroad and thought this would be one more reason. 
I wasn’t completely sure of what would lie ahead and I definitely took a long time to convince myself I could do it but, now that I’ve chosen to move out my comfort zone, I’m happily embracing the magic zone. What am I talking about?

I recently watched a video that spoke about our comfort with what we know even when it makes us miserable (aka the devil you know). No one likes having debt. No one likes being denied a purchase because of their credit but still we hesitate to change our behavior mostly because we are comfortable with the familiar. To change implies discomfort. However, the video continues to explain, that when you move beyond the point if discomfort you enter the magic zone. This is the space where we begin to thrive. This is the space we all view from a distance and proceed to make excuses about why it can’t happen for us. But it can. You just need to take the first step.

Believe me, the period of discomfort was quite uncomfortable and didn’t come with an advertised deadline. And there were many moments, I considered giving up or modifying my goals so they fit back in my comfort zone.

However, I found the more I began to talk about my goals, the more it felt feasible. Other people didn’t react with the doubts inside my own mind. Finally, I realized the only thing left to do was to do it. Thus I decided to take the first uncomfortable step and quit my job.

When I told my 50 year old boss I was moving abroad, she told me she’d always wanted to do that. I most definitely did not want to go another year let alone another 30 thinking about something I’ve always wanted to do, could do and didn’t. And now I’m happy say to say that I’m on track to meet the goals I set out to accomplish, goals that I viewed only from the distance as privileges for people other than me. I did it. And you can to.

What goals or desires do you have that lie just out of your comfort zone?



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