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Things Cost Money and It Sucks

Things cost money and it sucks. But there are plenty free 99 options that work well if you’re looking to keep things low cost and/or find social activities where each person can choose their own spending level.

  1. Take a walk
  2. Go to a park and
    • bring a blanket and people watch
    • chill and catch up with each others lives
    • do exercise
    • read a book
    • have a BYOF (bring your own food) picnic
  3. Attend a street fair or festival (with free entry)
  4. Host a movie night (BYOF or host feeds each time meaning you spend money once every X times)
  5. Host a book club (and rent those books from the library)
  6. Host a game night (download free games online or as an app)
  7. Skype/Google hangout
  8. Window shop (if you can avoid temptation)
  9. Catch a free show/play/gym class/etc
  10. Go to a museum (many have free entry days or are donation only)

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