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4 Quick Tips to Achieve Your Goals

If you find yourself wondering, “Why cant I stick to my goals?” these 4 quick quick tips are for you:

  1. Goal isn’t the right size
    • You want to be a CEO? Great! However working on a goal that big can be discouraging. Don’t forget that there are steps in between that you’ll have accomplish first. Goals should be SMART goals. Check your goals against this framework.
  2. Timeline isn’t accurate
    • If you want to save $5,000 but can only contribute $100 a month, you won’t reach your goal in 3 months. Try extending your time horizon to see success.
  3. Lacking a support group 
    • Peer pressure is real, boo. Find a core team of people who understand and support you in goals. AKA that friend who won’t encourage you to buy that new dress when you should deposit it into your vacation fund.
  4. Too critical of your progress
    • Sometimes progress comes slower than we would like but it’s important to acknowledge that progress has been made! Focus on the positive and it will give you strength to reach that goal!



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