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No hesitations

Hesitation is a good friend of mine. Mostly because I’m a thinker and an observer. I like to watch, wait and analyze before I jump. I recently visited a friend whose house has a loft dock over the ocean. I decided to jump off the top level of the dock but once I got up there doubts crept in, is the water deep enough here; why am I doing this?! She told me she and others had done it many times. But they’re not like me! I thought. So if your friends jumped off a bridge..?

I paced a bit, a few false starts, questioning if I was really about to jump until I heard of a chorus of “Go! Go! Go!” A glance to my right, revealed about 15 kids cheering me on from the ocean below. Ok, no choice now, I’m going in. And I jumped. And I loved it (of course!). The fear was completely in my mind but the hesitation nearly paralyzed me.

Now we all know that you shouldn’t jump off a bridge because you’re friends are doing it. However, there a lot more reasonable choices we hesitate to make everyday like getting our finances in order. I must admit I get great pleasure when I have a functioning budget, its similar to the feeling of coming home to a clean house.

Unfortunately, money is one of those things we tend to wait until it’s too late to take control of. Often we have a general awareness of what good money habits look like– spend less than you earn, save for retirement, check your credit score. We’ve heard it all before but more often than not we don’t take any action on these things until you’ve been denied a loan or you’ve found yourself in debt or realized you haven’t saved anything for retirement and now you have questions about your finances. Sometimes these things happen to us and we seek the answers to our questions yet still do nothing. I know it happens to the best of us. Hesitation is a paralyzing factor in our lives and it  strikes for many reasons.

The day I chose to jump was the day before she moved out of that house. Immediately after, I thought why hadn’t I done this before?! Often when we hesitate we delay our success. It’s totally possible (and highly likely) that you get started and stumble before reaching success. Even these moments are valuable lessons learned. For example, you’ve decided to start investing but you bought stock in a company that two months later announces their bankruptcy. Now you know to do a bit more research before your next stock purchase. Or maybe you learned to diversify your portfolio in case of instances like this. The important thing is to not make an excuse that you shouldn’t have invested at all.

You know in your gut what you need to do. Push hesitation aside and get started. Let me be your chorus of kids cheering you on from the side, “Go! Go! Go!”

And if you want to talk more, let’s set up a free 10 minute consultation here!


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