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Invest in you

My brother once asked me, what are you going to do with money you’re saving? I was accumulating a lot of savings but I couldn’t say what for. Take a trip, he suggested. He was right, saving for savings sake isn’t useful. Still, I didn’t want to spend this money frivolously (and I already had a travel savings fund!)

Instead, I choose to invest in myself. Initially, it was a hard choice to convince myself to use my money in this way. Soon I came to see, with my savings I could buy independence as well as a space to grow and reflect. I had enough to travel abroad comfortably for some months and after much back and forth I made the leap.

I decided to make an investment in myself and my future by moving abroad and studying Spanish. Much like any other investment, I researched the pros and cons, spoke with others who had experience in the area and finally chose a school. I even diversified my portfolio by attending schools in different locations 😉. And the entire time the experience has felt unreal but my learning curve has been tremendous. Yeah, there are other cheaper and less risky ways I could have accomplished this goal. But I know my learning style and without dedicating myself to learning I never would have made this progress.

I must admit in the moment it didn’t feel like such a confident investment but looking back it clearly has been and one, regardless of what comes next, I’ll be happy I’ve taken. 

Never forget, you deserve top quality. What self investments have you been hesitating to make?


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