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When to Wild Out on Your Budget

So, you’ve stuck to your diet all week or all month and now you’re considering a walk on the wild side. Go ‘head and treat yourself!

giphy2There are few things I love more than wildin’ out a few days before my budget replenishes. This usually occurs a few days before payday, I’ve spent less than expected for the month and now I have a few extra dollars to do as I may. $10 lunch? Go right ahead! Dessert,  too? Yes, ma’am. No coupon? Yea- Ok, don’t get too crazy now.

Why before payday? I have the security of knowing everything’s been paid for and tomorrow my budget will restart. There’s no other feeling like it.

Let me know when do you wild out?

Disclaimer: It’s always recommended that extra money goes into savings goals but if you have enough you can treat yourself too. However don’t forget that you can treat yourself with free things too

And if you want to talk more, let’s set up a free 10 minute consultation here!


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