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Finances = self care/love

A public service announcement

You are smart. 

You are kind. 

You will get your finances in order.

Yes, you are worthy of a healthy financial life, so stop ignoring your budget today! I really, really don’t like cleaning my room but I always feel intensely happy  and ready to take on the world when my room is clean. When I let my room go neglected for weeks it’s that much harder to motivate myself or believe that it will ever be clean again. Yet I clean my room because I deserve a healthy and comfortable living space. It’s a sign of self compassion. Taking care of my basic needs is a sign of self love. I know that when I like and can enjoy my living space, I am more productive, I am happier, I am motivated I am less stressed. My world is all around better. The same goes for a freshly revised budget. So love yourself and decide to get your finances in order today.


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