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Live the Life you Want

Getting your finances in order is all about control. It’s a slight change of perspective but when you realize you have control over your spending or your lack thereof, it empowers you to make stronger financial decisions. For example, I used to think ugh, my friends want to eat at this pricey restaurant or I felt pressured to buy a gift of a certain monetary value to keep up appearances. I soon realized I can choose to say no altogether. There are always other alternatives like splitting that expense with a friend, suggesting another option or just saying, “No, not this time.” If you don’t speak up for yourself, no one else will.

You always have choices because you are in control of your money (and for the things we find beyond our control we have an emergency fund! 

In the end, these choices are mine and when they align with my budget priorities, I feel most in control of my finances and most empowered.

With your newfound control what choices will you make?


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