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How to be spontaneous on a budget 

  1. Honesty is your friend. Be upfront about your boundaries. Today, a friend invited me to spend a day at the beach. I’m always in for the beach but this handy line always helps me not to get carried away: I’m working on a low cost budget today, How much will I need for the trip?
  2. Have a budget in mind. Yup, you actually have to do this one. You should know how much you can afford to spend without going under. No point in being unnecessarily stingy and missing out on a fun opportunity. 
  3. Seek alternatives. Can we park outside and walk the rest of the way? Or offer an exchange, I’ll pack the food and you’ll pay the gas. In this way you keep costs controlled. This also means knowing your options, sometimes the first vendor you encounter isn’t offering the lowest price. Shop around, get a layout of the land (if you’re going somewhere new) before committing your money. 
  4. Enjoy it! If the activity or the company is something/someone you truly enjoy, the value of the day automatically increases. And this doesn’t cost anything!
  5. Embrace the No. Great, you’ve out your needs out there. Its possible the answer is No. You can’t find a way to make it work without breaking your budget. Be ready for this possibility and embrace the no. A better opportunity fitting all your criteria will come your way and your budget will thank you.

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