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What I’m Thankful for…

I have always wanted to speak spanish fluently. I studied spanish for a number of years in school; I’ve traveled to numerous countries in Latin America; I’ve tried all the apps and computer programs that exist. At home I was surrounded by native speakers at all times and still, fluency, I did not have. Inspired by the language fluency acquired by my returning peace corps volunteer friends, I decided I needed to move abroad to immerse myself completely. 

Ok, Plan: Go abroad for a few years and come back with shiny new language skills. First, I looked into the Peace Corps but there weren’t any feasible options that met my requirements. Then I looked into teaching abroad. I met a few obstacles there too. Then I ended up taking a new job and found myself making excuses about why this couldn’t work right now. Like Goldilocks, I found each option didn’t fit me just right
One day I realized what truly mattered to me was becoming fluent in Spanish. The programs were just a means to an end. Even better, I realized that I didn’t need to rely on an income source to achieve this goal. I had invested and saved enough that I could (link to #11), depending on my budget, go abroad for a year if not longer. I couldn’t hesitate any longer.
7 months ago now, I quit my job and for the past 6 months I’ve been living in Costa Rica and Panama traveling and studying Spanish. It’s been a roller coaster of a journey but I’m incredibly thankful that I have accomplished this goal without going into debt, continuing to contribute to my IRA and meet other financial obligations. 
I’m thankful for the freedom to devote my time to fulfill a personal goal that many go their whole lives wishing they’d done. I’m thankful for the freedom to choose how I’ll spend my time without the reins of a job or a boss pulling me back. I’m thankful for endless beach time and ocean views. I’m thankful for the little things, like friends with pools in their apartment buildings, like breakfast for a $1, bomb zumba classes and too much time on my hands. I’m thankful for financial freedom I’m thankful for the ability, time and climate that allows me to take long walks home. I am thankful for sunny days, last minute trips to the beach, sleeping in late (especially on a Monday), for the freedom to make my own choices. I’m thankful to have experienced this freedom that because I never thought it was something to be achieved by someone like me.
Are there goals you’ve been holding yourself back from tackling? Let’s Talk


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